What do I need to use the service?

You need a device with Wi-Fi™.

Will I be charged and how do I pay?

In some locations, paper vouchers are available from a member of staff. Ask for details and pricing. You can also buy access time online using a credit/debit card when in a Virgin WiFi location. Many Virgin WiFi locations offer Freetime complementary service.

How do I log on and pay or use a voucher?

Access any web page, or You will be redirected to the Virgin WiFi landing page. To use the network, click on "Log in" or if you are a first time user of the Virgin WiFi service click on you must first "Register" for a free account. Once you have registered, follow the link to Top Up your account. Here you can input a voucher code if you have one, or pay online. Then click "Start Service" to connect to the internet.

What are the technical settings used to access the service (advanced users)?

SSID: "Virgin WiFi"
IP address: dynamically assigned ("DHCP")
DNS: dynamically assigned ("DHCP")
Encryption: off

Why can't I check my email?

You must log in and start your Virgin WiFi service before you can access your email or any other service.

Why can't I send outgoing email?

Your ISP probably won't allow you to send mail unless you're connected to them directly. To send email while connected to Virgin WiFi, change your "outgoing mail server" (also known as "SMTP server") to (remember to change it back when you go home!)

Why does my Dialup Connection window keep popping open?

Make sure that Explorer is set to use the wireless connection and not your modem. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections and select "Dial whenever a network connection is not present".

My wireless card sees your network, but I can't connect

Why do I see the error "It appears that you were not captured by the portal correctly."?

Check your web browser settings is set to accept cookies.

How do your vouchers work?

DayPass vouchers
Virgin WiFi offers DayPass vouchers are valid for a set period of time starting from the first time you use them. You can log on and off as many times as you want during this time, but the voucher will expire at the end of the period. For example, if you have a 2 hour voucher and start to use it at 9am, you can log on and off any number of times until 11am. At 11am the voucher will cease to be valid.

FlexiPass vouchers
FlexiPass offers per-second billing and are valid for 30 days. You can start and stop the service as often as you like until the voucher expires or the remaining time reaches zero.

Group/conference vouchers
"Group" or "conference" vouchers are valid between a specific start and end time/date. For example, a conference voucher may be valid from 8am to 6pm on a specific day. During the validity period, you can log on and off as many times as you like.

Number of users
Most vouchers can only be used by one person at a time and can only be associated with one Virgin WiFi account. Some conference vouchers are valid for more users. For example, if you have a 5-user voucher, the voucher can be added to 5 separate Virgin WiFi accounts. Only 5 people would be able to use the service at the same time using this voucher.

Most vouchers are valid across all Virgin WiFi locations (see the full list on our home page). Some vouchers are restricted to certain locations only. The details of location restrictions for each voucher will be shown in your account status page.

Do you cover the whole building?

In most Virgin WiFi locations, we cover a portion of the building. Ask staff for details. If you'd like us to cover more of that location, drop us an email at

I still can't connect, or I have another question

You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 1850 248 289 in the Republic of Ireland and 0333 444 2899 in the UK.